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Is your country not listed?

Due to different global shipping networks and shipping policies it is not possible for us to offer free shipping worldwide. However listed below are a few shipping options that would still enable you to order your favorite fashion accessories from and have them shipped to you.

St. Christopher Fashion Accessories is in no way affiliated and does not earn or receive any form of incentives or profits from the below mentioned shipping options and will not be held responsible for any discrepancies that may arise from the below mentioned options or companies mentioned.


There are a few options that you could consider to have your items from to you if your country is not listed in the store list of countries at the check out page.

  1. Sign up with a shipping / courier company that will provide you with an address in the United States.
  2. Order your items from and in the checkout section enter the address provided by your preferred shipping / courier company that is in the United States.
  3. We at will ship your items free of cost to your address in the United States which is provided to you by your shipping / courier company.
  4. Once your preferred shipping / courier company will receive the items shipped by us, they will then ship it to you through their network and you will be able to receive your items according to they shipping modes and as per their shipping rates.

Some of the courier / shipping companies that you could tryout are mentioned below:

Note: It is important to check if you courier service provides a consolidation service. Which means that they will wait and collect all the items you have purchased and will only then pack it into one consolidated package and ship it to you. In this way your shipping cost will be a lot less as you will be paying only for a consolidated package rather than paying for each and every single item and plus you will receive all your items at the same time.


IMPORTANT: We strongly advise you to check the rates, other charges, taxes, and customs that may be charged by these shipping / courier and local customs, before signing up or ordering. Also check for other courier /shipping companies that might be better suited for you.

We hope the above information proves helpful to you and we look forward to have you shopping at: